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About Seegno
Launched in 2008, Seegno has grown into a full stack product development company.
We're a team of dedicated professionals, each with unique backgrounds, all working towards a common goal: delivering quality solutions that generate value to all of our stakeholders. Our approach is grounded in ethics and driven by creativity. We've collaborated with a range of clients, from new startups to established industry names, making our mark from Fintech to AI.

What sets us apart

Social responsibility

Throughout our journey, we've passionately championed various causes and innovative projects. Here's a showcase of our commitment.

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  • Work from wherever

    Home office? Cool. Office space? Equally cool. Deliver excellence, and the 'where' becomes just a detail.
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  • Designers
  • Backend dev.
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  • Data scientists
  • Project Managers
  • DevOps
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